RAC Halls

General information

The former Rijks Automobiel Centrale in the Hague is now an authentic industrial event location. In 2010, it re-opened under the name The RAC Halls.

The location forms part of the development of a new and trendy-setting residentialand commercial area inThe Hague. It has a decidedly industrial look and is both challenging and massive. The RAC Halls are excellently suited to hosting both cultural and commercial events.

The RAC Halls consist of three spaces with a total surface area of5,500 m2. They can accommodate any type of (large-scale) event, from corporate and personnel events to concerts, from dance events to symposiums, client events, conferences, trade fairs, festivals, drinks receptions and dinners for anything from 50 to 5,400 people. The halls also serve as the ideal backdrop for the branding of new urban brands.

The RAC Halls are a multi-faceted location and can accommodate many other activities in addition to commercial events. For instance, there is ample space for film and TV shoots, photo shoots and film screenings for a large audience, or even theatre and dance productions; anything goes at the RAC Halls.

Black Box

The RAC Halls operate according to the Black Box principle, which means that the options for using this space are almost endless. We like to work with various preferred suppliers, as these are highly experienced and familiar with such locations, but as the client you are of course also free to bring in your own contractors and suppliers.

Additional Facilities

All kinds of additional facilities can be provided if required, such as catering, technology, fittings & decor, entertainment etc. in conjunction with our preferred suppliers. You can find a list of our preferred suppliers on our website www.rac.nu.


The halls are easy to get to, situated at the peripheral of The Hague city centre. This is close to various motorways and served by public transport. You can find directions on our website www.rac.nu.


There is ample parking in the streets around the RAC Halls. There is also a nearby multi-storey car park, which can hold 1,600 cars. The nearest car park is300 metresfrom the RAC Halls.


For general information on hire, preferred suppliers, packages and entertainment, please consult www.rac.nu. You can also request a tailor-made quotation free of obligation by mail info@rac.nu or call +31 (0)70 – 330 10 65.


Hall information 

Hall 1

Hall 1 is a very imposing space which offers various options. Its maximum capacity is 2,100 people and its huge size and industrial look give an added dimension to any activity. Hall 1 is highly suited to large-scale events, such as conferences, symposiums, trade fairs, concerts, festivals, corporate parties and club nights.
Hall 2             (ground floor)

Hall 2 (ground floor) is the largest hall at2,200 m2, characterised by a roadway/ramp in the corner and massive pillars which support the first floor. The hall is on the ground floor and its low ceiling makes it excellently suited to events which require a more intimate setting.

Hall 2             (1st floor)

Above Hall 2 (ground floor), at the top of the ramp, is the most intimate space in the RAC Halls. The totally different style of this1,830 m2space distinguishes it from the other two halls. This hall is highly suited to smaller events with a maximum of 450 participants.




A small grasp of the events that took place in the RAC HALLS;

–          TV show Masterchef Net 5

–          New year’s reception Eventbranche.nl

–          Langweiligkeit Festival

–          Prince for a day (Introductory Event)

–          Talking Trash Congress

–          Musicvideo’s SEAT’s next DJ

–          Fotoshoot Within Tempation

–          Fotoshoot DI-RECT

–          Musicvideo DI-RECT “Times are changing”

–          Den Haag 2018 Congress campaign

–          Occasion Festival

–          Fruitshoot commercial

–          Fotoshoot singer/songwriter I/fan

You can find photos and videos of the events listed above on www.rac.nu.