AT Theatre

AT Theatre is the theatre agency of AT Productions and is responsible for theatre bookings of AT’s artists as well as other theatre productions. AT Theatre represents a substantial roster of (inter(national productions and artists which results in a broad portfolio that can be offered to Dutch theatres and venues.

PR & Promotion: AT Theatre, in addition to sales of theatre performances, also provides services to promote the performances to the audience. As a result, these activities generate an optimal occupancy of the venues, which distinguishes AT Theatre of other agencies.

High quality portfolio: AT Theatre selects high quality (inter)national shows carefully before offering to the theatres.

High degree of automation: When it comes to automation, AT Theatre is the most progressive agency within the theatre sector. As a result, AT Theatre is able to provide a high service level to the theatre as well as to artists and producers.

From July 2011, AT Theatre started co-operating with Senf Theaterpartners (  Since then, At Theatre has its office at Senf in Maasland.
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