AT Publishing

AT Publishing consists of 2 divisions: AT Publshing and AT Collect.

AT Publishing is the publishing division of the AT family. Operating as a small independent publisher, AT Publishing represents a roster of talented producers, songwriters and artists. With a large network in the entertainment industry, AT Publishing is able pitch the creative work of its artists to other parties and establish collaborations with other artists, writers and producers. Through the years, these activities have resulted in a impressive catalogue of songs and instrumentals, that are played on the radio everyday. As a specialist in music rights and music clearance, companies find their way to AT Publishing when they are in need of finding and clearing music for their campaigns or movie productions. Among the artists in the publishing roster are Billy The Klit, Dani-L Mebius, the boys of DI-RECT, Sven Figee (Sven Hammond Soul), Wies Peeters and Tim Akkerman.

AT Collect is the newly found neighbouring rights management division of AT Publishing, which sole activity is assisting artists in the managment of their neighbouring rights revenues. Its service consists of tracking, registring, administrating and collecting neighbouring rights income on behalf of mainly non-Dutch performing artists and producers. Among those are Keith Caputo (USA), Thievery Corporation (USA), Royal Gigilos (DE), INNA (RO), Edward Maya (RO), Sandy Rivera (USA), EXILE (USA), Scott Jacoby (USA), Alexandra Stan (RO) and Sak Noel (ES).