Within Temptation dressed by JAN BOELO

The symphonic rock band Within Temptation started working together with the Dutch fashion designer Jan Boelo. The designer announced he is working on designing apparel for Within Temptation during the launch of his new clothing line “JAN BOELO Running into Headlights” at the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Within Temptation’s lead singer, Sharon den Adel, has been involved in the design process as well. “Jan’s designs are tough looking and daring, but executed with class and a very recognizable unique style. This is something that speaks to us and suits the band and music very well,” says den Adel.

“Within Temptation’s shows are impressive and have a huge impact. This is something that inspires me as a designer. To be able to work with the band and design their clothes is fantastic,” says Boelo.

The band members already wear some of the designs on stage as they are hitting festival stages throughout Europe this summer. The band and Jan Boelo aim to finish all the designs before Within Temptation’s 15-year-anniversary show on the 13th of November 2012 in Antwerps Sportpaleis.