Thank God It’s Music (TGIM)

Thank God It’s Music (or in short: TGIM) is the result of thorough market research in the Dutch business entertainment circuit. This research showed a big need for a high end cover band for evening filling entertainment and has the quality and ability to operate as a backing band for famous solo-artists. AT Management and Het decided to come up with an answer fort hat need in the market and started to work together on the build and rise of a brand new live act. The repertoire, the band members, the complete package has been developed by this internal cooperation and resulted in TGIM, Thank God It’s Music!

The band is put together out of a pool of Dutch musicians who are 5 star qualified and already operate in the top league of the Dutch entertainment circuit. Around 20 – 25 musicians are standard in the musicians pool and are working with famous Dutch artists like: Van Velzen, Jeroen van der Boom, Jim Bakkum Edsilia Rombley, Boris, Xander de Buisonjé, Nikki, Ali B, Berget Lewis, Rita Reys en Wouter Hamel. The musicians commitment to the Thank God It’s Music project guarantees a high quality of the show. Important is the 365 days per year availability because of this select but complete musicians pool. Detailed management support is handled on the live-act, which provides great flexibility. TGIM makes great effort to fulfill all the clients wishes. Is a specific repertoire needed, because the event has a special theme? That’s possible! Some famous artists as part of an evening filling program? No problem! Horns, strings or a complete orchestra on your event? Everything is possible! TGIM maybe not the most famous band in the Netherlands, but it sure is the only one that can satisfy all wishes of her clients

In short, TGIM embodies everything AT Productions, Het and her partners stand for. Quality and customer focused. An act to be proud of.

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The standaard 7-persoonsbezetting van TGIM