About AT Management

Founded in 1996 as an artist management agency, AT Productions has developed a great market expertise and network on a national, but also on an international level. Representing a great number of nationally and internationally successful artists (Kane, Within Temptation and DI-RECT among others) AT Productions has proven to be a dedicated and reliable partner in building and developing an artist career. The department that is responsible for the management activities is known as AT Management.

AT Management is responsible for the careers of Holland’s finest rock bands, such as Within Temptation, Kane and DI-RECT. Kane sold out various stadiums up to 35,000 people and many albums and singles received a golden or platinum status. Within Temptation’s music is now released in 45 countries (including Europe, the US and Japan) which resulted in more than 2 million album/DVD sales. Furthermore, the band played at all the major festivals and gave shows in more than 40 countries in only one year. As a result AT has been able to build its international network, consisting of renowned partners such as Live Nation, Helter Skelter in the UK, almost every important festival promoter in Europe as well as Pinacle Entertainment US.

AT Management is specialized in giving commercial, managemental, marketing, fiscal and legal consultancy. Consultancy can occur when strategic with third parties are set up. (record or publishing deals, etc.) Besides the exploitation of music, AT has a strong history of connecting its artists with brands and products, using portrait rights and image rights for marketing purposes. For more information, see: Brand Activation.

Due to AT’s involvement in ‘Idols’ and ‘Rocknation’, AT has a strong connection with national TV broadcasters (public as well as commercial) and production companies.

In this ‘peoples business’ AT Management has built up an established network containing renowned record companies, music publishers, press, radio, TV- and production companies and supporting organizations, with whom it cooperates on a daily basis.

Besides management more rights can be licensed to AT Management, such as theatre- and live bookings or publishing. Besides the fact AT Management can act as one contact point for third parties, a career strategy can be optimally exercised from various divisions due to the strong synergy between AT’s various departments.

AT Management is also founder and producer of progressive marketing concepts, using the latest digital and mobile communication functionalities.

AT Management represents the following artists:

  • Within Temptation
  • Kane
  • Dennis Weening
  • Billy the Klit
  • Mr.Polska
  • Christiaan Hof
  • Thank God It’s Music (TGIM)
  • JeBroer