Dennis Weening

The Dutch presenter Dennis Weening started his career with the advertisement department of TV West, a regional television station.

After starting off successfully as a presenter with TV West, Dennis Weening becomes the new face of the renewed Dutch TV station Veronica in 2002, where he presents the item ‘Stennis’ with Kink TV.

During the years Dennis has been a presenter with Veronica, MTV and 3voor12 Radio. In addition he’s also a much wanted candidate in several TV Programmes, for example hwen he became a participant of the successful Dutch TV series ‘Who’s the Mole?’, where all candidates have to find out who of them the ‘mole’ is. After 8 exciting weeks it turns out, to everyone’s surprise, Dennis was ‘the mole’. Never before ‘the mole’ has fooled his colleagues as great as Dennis did.

In 2008 Dennis made the switch to the Dutch TV Channel RTL5 where together with Edwin Jansen he presented the reality series Rocknation, in which they searched for the biggest Dutch rock talent.

The liability of RTL5 appears to be great. Not only was Dennis asked to voice over the RTL-programme ‘Miss & Mrs perfect, but he also was invited to travel the world for the programme RTL Travel.

In 2009 Dennis has definitely profiled himself with RTL5 and he gets offered a contract with them. Together with Klaas van Eerden and Wytske Kenemans he starts out with presenting the successful show Wipeout. Furthermore he is to be seen in Rude Tube, Ibiza 24/7, Wie is de Reisleider and The Pain Game. As of 2009 he yearly presents the majorly successful show So You Think You can Dance, which he passionately does together with Ann Lemmens.

In addition to all his activities as a TV host, Dennis can also be found as a presenter of many festivals and events throughout the entire country, like Paaspop Schijndel, the Metropolis Festival, Bevrijdingsfestival, Beatstad etc. Dennis has also been asked as a guest for many other TV shows like Waar is de Mol? with Johhny de Mol, Storm op Komst with coguest Sabine Uitslag, De Jongens Tegen De Meisjes, Doe Maar Normaal, Wat Vindt Nederland, etc.

Furthermore Dennis’ voice is used on a regular bases as a voice over for a diversity of TV and radio commercials.



Dennis Weening